What anti-GMO activists don’t get right

My ancestors worked in the Merrimack Mills, among other Lowell factories. Image courtesy of Lowell NHP.
Harriet Farley seized the chance to work in the mills, which provided new opportunties for her. Via Notable American Women, 1607–1950: A Biographical Dictionary, Volume 1. E. James, editor.
Me and Chuck at Mark Lynas’ NYC book launch event.

Mark Lynas has provided a worthwhile book from a number of perspectives. He describes his personal journey from farm- and science experiment-wrecking thug to someone who values the facts and evidence about plant science today. He looks at his own motivations and examines the reality of the tribal adherance that was keeping him from understanding the issues before.

He also provides an excellent overview of the history of opposition to the DNA modifications of plants and animals that are instructive to place us in the context we find ourselves today….

Seriously: look around the produce aisle in the grocery store. Find images of horse-drawn farm equipment and farmers in overalls. SSDD.



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